About Community Pride

Community Partnerships

    Community Pride was founded by former City Councilwoman Kathi Lishman and former Planning Commissioner Liz Smith in 1990.  Past Committee Chairs include: Kathi Lishman, Paul Hurst, Tom Cumpston, Elizabeth Zacharias, Josette Johnson, Christine Thiel.  Kathi Lishman is presently our Community Pride Committee Chair.

The goal and function of the Community Pride Committee is to encourage volunteer participation in beautification gardens & projects that improve the grace and charm of Placerville.  This group of volunteers has planted and nurtured gardens, installed beautification projects, and public art throughout the City of Placerville.  Projects are focused along the historic Main Street from Placerville Drive to Broadway. 

Community Pride gardens & projects range from planting new shade trees at the Fox Parking Lot to collaborative efforts with the Hangtown Creek Stewardship Committee in developing the Hangtown Creek Master Plan. We have completed mural projects such as the depiction of Snowshoe Thompson on an historical building that was at one time the Post Office from which Snowshoe Thompson delivered mail. We continue to work with school and youth organizations, involving them in planting city gardens, painting murals, and restoring Hangtown Creek.

Community Pride is looking forward to several exciting new projects such as enhancing and maintaining our existing gardens, the commissioning of additional public art projects, continuing our Caltrans Adopt-a-Hwy projects, and working with Trails Now! on landscaping the El Dorado Trail through Placerville.

Committee Membership

Community Services Director:   Terry 

Committee Members:                    Kathi  Lishman

                                                     Debra Power

                                                 Josette Johnson

​                                                 Jennifer Trucker

Paid Advisor:                                      Cary Friar


Special  Thanks  to  Our  Volunteers:         

                              Marilyn Ferguson

                              Cindy Podsiadlo

                              Dennis Look

                              Susan Daviess

                                            Tim Daviess

                             Keith Johnson

                             Jim Donaker

                             Maria Pachecano     

                             Andrew Hibben

                             Steve Dowty

                             Steve Pace

                             Ed Misovski                       

                             Marcia Scott

                             Sarah Symeonides

​                             Ryan Wiley

                             Jim Vindler

Heritage Association of El Dorado County:   Since 1973, a small group of dedicated volunteers has devoted itself to researching, documenting, promoting and preserving the rich history of El Dorado County, the county that made California famous. The City of Placerville consults with the Heritage Association on projects within its historic district, making recommendations on planning and design. The Heritage Association of El Dorado County is a nonprofit corporation working continuously to preserve the past for the future. Special thanks to Marilyn Ferguson for her infinite patience, research, and assistance.

Community Pride  

Placerville, California