Community Pride  

Placerville, California

     Welcome Sign Project.  The Welcome  to Placerville "Old Hangtown" planter box was built by, and is presently maintained, by the Placerville Chapter of Rotary International.      

     Outside the planter box, Caltrans mitigation efforts have deeded the property between the railroad easement and Hangtown Creek back to the City of Placerville.  The Community Pride plan is to provide for a wildlands theme by naturalizing wildflowers such as CA Poppies, Lupine, and CA Fuschia.  Other low-maintenance, drought-tolerant  ground covers are planned.

Welcome Sign Project

Parking Garage Planter

Fox Parking Lot Garden

Community Pride  Gardens are divided into Three Locations:

  • Upper Main Street
  • Downtown Main Street
  • Lower Main Street

     The Main Street @ Historic SR 49 Gardenis located at the base of an old homestead near  the intersection of Main Street & State Route 49.  Designed and maintained by Mo Daly, the project is now maintained by Community Pride Member Dennis Look.  Evergreens and a coral Maple shade tree provide shade along a river-rock wall.

Main Street @ Historic SR  49

City Gardens - Lower Main Street