Community Pride  Gardens are divided into three locations:

  1. Upper Main Street
  2. Downtown Main Street
  3. Lower Main Street

     Redwoods @ Broadway was originally planted by Maria Pachecano, Andrew Hibben, Keith & Josette Johnson.  Though inactive at this time, this project is presently maintained by the City of Placerville.  See also, Inactive Gardens.

Redwoods @ Broadway

Photos by Josette Johnson

   The Mooney Lot Gardenis a long, narrow garden located on Main @ Clay Street.  Maple trees provide shade for cooling the Mooney Parking Lot as well as year-round color.  Invasive rosemary has been trimmed to create a rock garden and fern grotto at the west end.  Annuals provide color at each end of the project.

     The Mooney Lot Garden was one of Community Pride's original gardens since its inception in 1990.  Liz & Garry Smith designed and, with the help of Josette & Keith Johnson, planted the maple trees.  Liz's "Main Street Maple" vision was carried through other plantings in Placerville. Helen Ramstad, Josette, & Keith Johnson maintained the garden for over 10 years.  Tim & Susan Daviess supervised the restoration and renovation of the dilapidated wall.  Tim Daviess and Debra Power painted the triumph l'oiel mural that transformed the wall into a rock wall with native flowers as well as playful home for Placerville's community of wildlife - ringtail cats, Sierra salamanders, and cute little mice who have homes at each drainage hole.  Tim has now passed on the project to CP member, Debra Power.  Debra is presently working on creating stepping stones for the public who continue to shortcut from the parking lot to the sidewalk.  If you cant beat 'em, join 'em!

Mooney Lot Garden

Ivy House Planterbox Garden

     The Ivy House Planteris located at the intersection of Main & Cedar Ravine.  This river rock planter was erected on the site of the historic Ivy House Hotel.  Beneath the Cork Oak tree is a lush cottage garden with flowering perennials, bulbs, evergreens, and grasses normally found along a country drive. 

     Kathi Lishman  has provided a rich and diverse planting that adds to the rural ambiance in downtown Placerville.  This garden is now maintained by Cary Friar. 

City Gardens - Upper Main Street

Community Pride  

Placerville, California